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Your Facial Device and Gua Sha Tool All In One

Non-invasive and painless, ELVi Pro helps enhance the absorption of skincare products while stimulating facial muscles to slow down signs of aging in the skin. Inspired by nature, the ELVi Pro is deliberately shaped like a leaf so it can double up as a gua sha tool.

ELVi Just Got An Upgrade
  • Concentrated microcurrents - Enhances absorption of skincare products via iontophoresis and boosts your skin's production of collagen. Also lifts and stimulates sagging muscles to give the skin a non-invasive "lift".
  • Gentle heating - Stimulates tissue repair and combats the formation of wrinkles caused by a decrease in skin elasticity by triggering the release of heat shock proteins in the skin.
  • Integrated LED light therapy - Three different light modes to meet your skin's needs.
  • Multi-dimensional microvibrations - Promote the dilation of vessels for microcirculation and healing while stimulating rich oxygenation of the skin to reduce fine lines and wrinkles.
  • Safe, non-invasive solution to skin aging - Effectively targets issues such as wrinkles, hyperpigmentation and acne.
  • For all skin types - Treatment can be varied to suit normal, dry, oily or combination skin.
  • Gua sha - In Lift mode, the ELVi Pro doubles up as a gua sha tool to help relieve tension in the muscles of the face and boost blood circulation. Following gua sha techniques also encourages lymphatic drainage to banish water retention and bloating for that V-shaped visage.
The ELVi Pro comes in 3 modes: Facial, Lift and Restore
  • Facial Mode // Green light (2 mins) - Enhances the absorption of skincare products while lightening pigmentation. Combination of heat and vibrations promotes rich oxygenation of the skin to stimulate skin repair.
  • Lift Mode // Red light (2 mins) - Lifts the face while de-puffing the skin and reducing water retention. Stimulates blood circulation and boosts your skin's natural production of collagen and elastin to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.
  • Restore Mode // Blue light (2 mins) - Helps calm inflammation within the skin, heal acne-prone areas and speed up your skin's regenerative process.
Clinical Trial Results:

The ELVi Pro is clinically proven to lift facial skin in 4 weeks.*

  • 95% Skin was lifted and skin texture felt and appeared firmer.
  • 95% Experienced a more contoured V shaped visage.
  • 90% Skin appeared brighter and more radiant.
  • 85% Skin felt and appeared plumper and more hydrated.
  • 80% Reported an improvement in absorption of skincare product.
  • 0% Reported any adverse or hypersensitive reactions.

*Clinical Trial conducted at The Clinical Trial Centre for Bio-Industry at Semyung University, South Korea, on 20 female subjects, aged 34 to 51 years of age, over a 4-week period.

ELVi Pro 1-Year Limited Warranty

The ELVi Pro is covered by a ONE YEAR warranty from the original date of purchase against defects. You may register your warranty at For more details, please visit our FAQ section.

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